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Erickson Coaching International's methodology is solution-focused. The solution-focused coaching methodology is based on proven tools, techniques, and processes that help provide clients with the means to create truly transformational changes in their own lives. During coaching sessions, the coach and client embark on a creative partnership  to design and implement specific, meaningful, and measurable changes in the client’s personal and/ or professional life. 

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Part of the Level 1 Coach-Specific Training is now supported by Workforce Singapore for Singaporeans/Permanent Residents

4 Pillars of Erickson's Solution-Focused Coaching Model


Coaching is solution-focused

Coaching aims to move clients towards a positively framed future outcome. The coach and client do not dwell on the past experiences but rather focus on what the client's new future would look like and how the client shows up in that future vision.

Coaching is a systematic process

that helps the coach understand the client holistically. The coach assess how proposed changes fit in with or may impact the client's view of the world and contribution to their future vision and the bigger picture.    

Coaching is a client-centred approach

it is the role of the coach to encourage their client to trust their own inner resources. In Erickson coaching, we believe that clients are experts in their own lives and have the resources within themselves to create their unique future vision.

Coaching is action-oriented 

meaning that coaches help clients create change through specific, meaningful, inspired and actionable steps that lead to fundamental shifts in attitude, behaviours, and their desired habit formations.

Skills and Competencies of an Erickson Solution-Focused Coach

  • You will develop the ability to quickly create trust with others and provide a safe and supportive environment that produces ongoing mutual respect and trust. 

  • You will develop the ability to quickly create rapport with clients using simple yet powerful tools. 

  • You will develop and enhance your active listening skills and understand how syntax, tone of voice, and body language can contribute to understanding the true meaning of your client's words. 

  • You will learn how to view the world through your client's eyes and understand the meaning of their words in the context of their values and goals. 

  • You will learn when to apply powerful questioning techniques that evoke discovery, insights, commitment, and action that move your client forward.

  • You will learn to facilitate bulletproof goal setting that opens doors to a new and extremely powerful kind of goal setting that is outcome-oriented. 

  • You will master the skill of designing positive actions that help the client explore and prioritize their issues and guide them through difficult decision-making. 

  • You will help your client develop and experience a true sense of accountability and instill positive long-term changes. 

  • You will learn how to do so with precise time management tools.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Level 1

Towards Associate Certified Coach

Foundation Coaching Skills

Learn the foundation coaching tools, frameworks, and exercises


Once or twice a week options


16 live sessions + 1 group mentoring + 3 individual mentoring + self-study 

Level 2 

Towards Professional Certified Coach

Up your coaching game

Recognize inner objections, beliefs, values, and habit systems


Utilize effective language, and proven tools and design actionable plans for desired outcomes


Combine with Essentials Course to be eligible for ACC or PCC ICF Credentials

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