Professional Toolbox

Just like a carpenter with her box of tools, at Abundanz Consulting our goal is to help to you,

the practitioner, fill your toolbox with a variety of assessment tools and instruments so that

you are ready to use the right tool with your client when the need arises.

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Knowdell Career Card Sorts

Created in 1977 by career development guru, Richard Knowdell, these career card sorts has withstood the test of time and thousands of career practitioner use these tools as part of their career services.                                                   


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Points of You Tools

Created by Yaron Golan and Efrat Shani, Points of You was launched in 2006. These coaching tools are used by professionals and organisations for therapy, teaching, teambuilding, leadership, communication & more.

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CRG Assessment Tools

CRG tools were created by Dr Terry Anderson in 1979 with the goal of increasing the performance of individuals and organisations worldwide. Explore the range of online assessment instruments that are aimed to enable people to live their lives with a purpose.